Reporters Without Borders: help that hurts

An open letter to Reporters without Borders:

Narcotrafficking mafias and other crime groups feed on millions of young people without work nor education opportunities. Tourism is one of the most important sources of work in Mexico. This industry is already damaged by the crime wave and other factors, as the swine flu crisis and xenophobic campaigns against Mexico in the USA.

Adding more damage to it means that thousands of young people will be left out in the streets. There they are exposed to mafia recruitment and, in turn, this aggravates risks and dangers for journalists.

Job creation is intimately linked with stopping the killing of our colleagues. It’s destruction is putting us in more danger.

What do you guys think when you campaign against tourism in Mexico?

Mexico is not Myanmar, where a murderous regime benefits from the tourism income and uses it in turn to oppress its people and curtail freedom of press.

We need to boost tourism and other industries to diminish the appeal of the mafia life on our young people.

Do you think you are putting pressure on the Mexican government? More than the pressure put by the daily account of the dead? Don’t you realise that this pressure goes against the very job creators?

Do you believe that the mafia leaders, who couldn’t care less for the damage to the economy and the social fabric, will get scared as a result of this campaign?

Do you want to do something meaningful for Mexican journos and the general population?

Help to stop the influx of weapons we receive from the US. Help to create awareness on marihuana, cocaine and other substances’ consumers, for the 20 dollars or euros they pay for their pleasure, is 20 dollars or euros that go to the war the gangs are staging against us.

Many Mexicans like me support legalisation. But so far, your buck goes to the Chapo Guzmán and to the Zetas pockets.

If your are short of ideas, on the other hand… well… as we Mexicans say: Gracias, pero ¡no me ayudes compadre! Thanks, pal, but please dont help me!

Témoris Grecko. A Mexican journalist

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