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Amarse en otras lenguas

Hablar idiomas es fundamental en nuestro tiempo… aunque a veces no sea suficiente Columna Fronteras Abiertas, de Témoris Grecko Publicado en National Geographic Traveler Latinoamérica, junio de 2012 Me enamoré de la francesa Marie hablándole en italiano en Tailandia. Pocas … Continue reading

France’s criminal role in Rwanda

Sixteen years ago, France armed, supported and helped to escape the killers who commited the genocide in Rwanda. Many of them found refuge in France itself, where they live. Only now, 16 years later, slowly it starts to call them to justice. And still, Sarkozy seems far from ackowledging France’s (and Miterrand’s) criminal role in the genocide.

It wasn’t only the Hutus

Everybody knows that the Hutu extremists killed almost a million Tutsis and moderate Hutus. But most people don’t know the role of Belgium and France in this, and these countries have never acknowledged their responsabilities. It was Belgium who created the fatal ethnic divide in Rwanda. It was France who supported and armed the Hutu extremists.