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A politicised dog

Lukanikos (aka Kanelos) is a stray dog that has been siding with the protestors and against the riot police in every clash in Greece for the last two years. 

He’s got a blog now rebeldog.tumblr.com/ where he calls: “Dogs of the world unite!”

More photos from The Guardian here

Chipre: La manzana de la discordia / Cyprus: The apple of discord


Un recorrido por las huellas del enfrentamiento y la división de Chipre en dos repúblicas rivales, una griega y una turca, y los esfuerzos de los chipriotas comunes para superar la división. Publicado en ESQUIRE (enero 2010).

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A tour by the sad traces of the confrontation and the division of Cyprus in two rival republics, a Greek one and a Turkish one, and a review on the efforts by common Cypriots to overcome this situation. Published by ESQUIRE (January 2010).

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Cyprus’ no-man’s land

I explored no-man’s, frozen-in-time land today: the buffer zone patrolled by UN peace-keepers, separating the Turkish army from the Greek Cypriots and cutting the old capital in halves. I saw everything as it was in 1974, when the inhabitants fled: cafes, shops and the wild destruction of war. Plus loads of dust, invading bush and stray dogs.

Glances of Nicosia

I had a stroll on divided Lefkosia (Nicosia), from South to North and back… A wall came down today, 20 years ago in Berlin. this one seems still high and nasty. The Greek, Turkish and United Nations troops’ bunkers and fortified positions look ugly and sooo anachronic, whereas Cypriots from both sides seem so relaxed and friendly.

Here comes the sun

I’m joyfully waving at the sun, THE SUN!!! Nothing like almost a week underwater to receive our father sun with smiles and a huge desire to go out dancing –where’s a salsa club in Beirut??? It’s almost time to leave Lebanon, though. There’s a little, divided island right in front of these shores, where Greeks and Turks are trying to find ways to live together.