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The Vatican finds the usual suspects

There are a few Christian churches that have gay bishops, like the Episcopalians (Anglicans in the US). Do they have paedophilia scandals? Not that I’m aware of. Do they have celibacy? Neither. What’s the religious institution that’s involved in the biggest paedophilia scandal we remember? The one that forbids its members to have sexual intercourses as healthy people normally do. It treats its priests and nuns like freaks. But in this denial frenzy it is engaged now, it goes out to find the usual suspects to blame them for its own faults. Cardinal Bertone, the pope’s second-in-command, said that the root of the problem is not celibacy, but homosexuality. He could have also said that the ones behind all this are communist Catholic priests. Or a Gypsy curse. Or a Jewish conspiracy. 

Why not? It’s worked so well many times before.

Let’s hang the Jews to wash the Holy Mother’s sins!

The unlearned Holocaust lesson

This is a day of mourning for the humankind. The systematic and brutal extermination of between 11 and 17 million people (Jews, Romani, Poles, Soviets, homosexuals, Germans with dissabilities and German political and religious dissidents) is a tragic reminder of what we are capable to do. We should all have learned the lesson. This hasn’t happened. In no country. Not where I am now, for sure.