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Brasil y México: la diferencia del liderazgo

Qué tristeza… el problema de los brasileños es que tienen que elegir entre varios líderes excelentes, Marina, Dilma, Serra, sin olvidar a Lula (nótese que la mitad son mujeres). Los mexicanos, en cambio, no tenemos a quién elegir, a dónde mirar… sufrimos una patética carencia de liderazgos. Y el tipo que ha hundido a México, sólo atina a decir que el peligro para México era el candidato opositor.


Sexism in Brazil

This female student was expelled last week from her university “charged” with using a dress too short. She had to be protected by police from her male classmates, who previously attacked her. As she was taken out of campus, tens of male students shout at her “puta”, whore. The university authorities didn´t take any measures against them. Rather, they stated in newspaper ads that this was a “collective reaction to defend the scholar environment”. All this happened in Brazil, world capital of bikinis. Brazilian society’s protest led to her being reinstated as a student. She, and the government, shoudl take legal measures against the university.