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El efecto mariposa

Rescatar a mexicanos en islas desiertas puede tener consecuencias inesperadas Columna Fronteras Abiertas, de Témoris Grecko Publicado en National Geographic Traveler Latinoamérica, octubre de 2011   Esta puede ser una historia de casualidades, de vidas cruzadas que nos sorprenden con … Continue reading

Île de Gorée (Sénégal) photo album

There is nothing I would recommend of Dakar. My Mexican friend Rocîo, whom I met there, and me had the same feeling: the word Dakar has something that makes it sound like the name of an amazing city. I didn’t really know what would be so interesting, but I was eager to see. I failed to find any wonderful thing and I’d actually advise to use it just as a landing port in West Africa. It doesn’t have the appeal of other African cities and has all what’s awful in them, but made worse because of its location in a narrow peninsula: the people, the dirt, the traffic, the dense pollution, everything is caged in a few square kilometres.

But for one thing: Île de Gorée, Gorée island. For political and business reasons, the Senegalese exaggerate its role in the steal of millions of Africans by the slave ships. It wasn’t so important. But it’s beautiful anyway, with its feeling of colonial decadence. And a great relief after a few days in Dakar.

Its main official sight is the Maison des Esclaves, the houses of slaves, which was renovated by someone without the slightest idea of art and time. Not worth it. In the other hand, what’s not meant to be a tourist attraction is lovely, as residences in ruins where you can explore and hear the whisper of the centuries past.

Arriving to the island you may feel you are in the Caribbean: the colonial French buildings, the locals idle by the quay, the sleepy gendarme. Life seems just normal, not made-up for tourists, except for the artisans and their works. In the early 20th century, the French fortified the island and now the bunkers and cannons have been transformed in humble ateliers and galleries.

This I recommend: land in Dakar, go straight to Gorée, enjoy it and head off elsewhere.

December 16th, 2010

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Bozo lady

This is a Bozo tribe lady in Mopti’s Thursday market. On top of her head, she carries her seat for the long journey on the pinasse (boat) from her river village. All fine in Niamey, tomorrow there are presidential elections here, organised by the military junta who gave last year’s coup d’Etat. Besos!
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    • Témoris Grecko And on her chest, the mobile phone, always handy

      31 January at 10:50 · 
    • Rosi Morales WOW!!

      31 January at 12:15 · 
    • Témoris Grecko

      First hot shower since I left Dakar! Wow! I realise now that this means I didn’t have a single hot shower during my five weeks in Mali.
      I wrote: “Tomorrow there are presidential elections”. I meant today. I’m trying to upload this photo sinc…See more
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    • Stephen Kent I see that the lure of Africa was just too great. All going well?

      31 January at 12:52 · 
    • Témoris Grecko haha!
      Yeah, back in Africa for about 5 months, in the west. How’s to be back in Kiwiland?

      31 January at 12:54 · 
    • Gabriela Lara Me encantan los colores de su túnica. Y su actitud. 🙂

      31 January at 15:09 · 
    • Témoris Grecko Y ya viste a la señora que está atrás? Así están casi todas aquí, con niñito colgando a la espalda.

      31 January at 15:11 · 
    • Gabriela Lara ¡Sí! Fantástico. Se ve que es una zona rural, ¿me equivoco?

      31 January at 15:19 · 
    • Témoris Grecko No, es el puerto de Mopti

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    • Gabriela Lara Ah! Ok. Contigo estoy aprendiendo geografía de África…jajaja!
      Besos, Témoris, me voy a chambear. Suerte!

      31 January at 15:29 · 
    • Kamilla Gruenewald Wow that’s beautiful my dear Temoris
      I’m happy you focus more on culture and not so much in dangeorus things
      be safe, honey

      31 January at 15:34 · 
    • Teresita Rodriguez Se ven prácticos los banquitos, qué tal las elecciones, cómo les fue?

      31 January at 16:55 · 

      31 January at 18:23 · 
    • Gil Chamame la foto esta preciosa!

      31 January at 21:57 · 
    • Stephen Kent

      Kiwiland? <Hollow laugh> Amigo, I’m back in the UK where I can at least find work in my area. Yes, the weather’s shite.

      I did spend three weeks in Kiwiland after I left South Africa and it wasn’t bad at all, in fact some refreshing changes f…See more

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    • Mala Sorhouet a powerful lady

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Arrived in Niamey, Niger

I arrived in Niamey, the capital of the poorest country in the world, Niger (not Nigeria!). I had the most interesting bus trip from Gao, meeting really weird people. After the kidnapping and murder of two French guys here, and because of Monday’s presidential elections, foreigners are not allowed to travel to the North. And I want to go to Agadez!


Click on the lines / dots to view a trip description. Red line: 2009-2010. Second round-the-world trip / Segunda vuelta al mundo Light green line: 2008. Camino Real de Tierra Adentro + Southwest USA trip. Blue line: 2005-2007. First round-the-world trip / Primera vuelta al mundo. Dark green line

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    • Kamilla Gruenewald So you will do what they are telling you not to do right?
      Of course Just be very careful please!

      29 January at 12:18 · 
    • BBlue Alvarez we miss u

      29 January at 12:18 · 
    • Michael Reiss Stay safe brother

      29 January at 15:48 · 
    • Lety Falcón Cuídate! 🙂

      29 January at 15:54 · 
    • Mary Zuñiga-Chavez Be safe Témoris! Hugs 🙂

      29 January at 16:37 · 
    • Agustín Rodríguez Céspedes Suerte y mucho cuidado, te queremos de regreso!!

      29 January at 18:37 · 
    • Larry Roberts My youthful friend. There comes a time in one’s life, while becoming aware of such atrocities as the deaths in Iran, that we use caution to realize our contribution to all of society. Without you, were are ignorant. Think about it.

      29 January at 21:34 · 
    • Larry Roberts Mi amigo de juventud. Llega un momento en la vida, mientras que tomar conciencia de las atrocidades tales como la muerte en Irán, que tenga cuidado al realizar nuestra contribución a toda la sociedad. Sin ti, se ignoran. Piense en ello.

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Travelling to Gao, Mali

I’m back in myself, 100% strong, ready to hit the road again. I’m going East, to Gao. It’s a long bus journey, one of those you never know when they’ll actually start, and even less when they’ll finish. Time to go!

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    • Gabriela Lara Ey! Qué bueno que ya estás completamente repuesto. Te deseo muchas y muy buenas aventuras. No dejes de escribir. Besos!

      26 January at 12:31 · 
    • Cathal Quigg no man, get on a bus to morroco, get a bike and come with me

      26 January at 12:38 · 
    • Marga Zambrana Good luck dear friend. Se me cuida usted amigo. Un besote

      26 January at 13:15 · 
    • Karla Casillas Bermúdez Ke bueno ke ya estás bien!!… buen viaje!!! a Gao… y ya nos seguirás contando!!! Saludos!!!!

      26 January at 13:30 · 
    • Esteban Jaramillo Pedroza Hey compadre! Suerte en ese viaje. Saludes a Obama!

      26 January at 14:23 · 
    • David Gaxiola Pineda Suerte amigo….

      26 January at 14:33 · 
    • Alice Pipitone Qué maravilla Témoris! eres un rudazo y tu cuerpo también! Buen viaje! Esperamos tus noticias. Muchos besos!

      26 January at 14:34 · 
    • Lety Martínez Qué bien Témoris, cuídate y disfruta

      26 January at 17:03 · 
    • Mary Zuñiga-Chavez que bueno Tem!!! cuidate y aqui te igo 😉

      26 January at 17:15 · 
    • Jacobo Braun Tengo un buen contacto en Maputo estaras por ahi?

      26 January at 18:11 · 
    • Silvia Iveth Martínez Álvarez Qué gusto saber que estas bien ¡Suerte!

      26 January at 18:36 · 
    • Suha Araj Wonderful news, enjoy the view and hopefully some wind on your face. I hope you got a window seat.

      26 January at 19:05 · 
    • Ulises Escamilla Haro Pinche zoquete, que bueno que estas bien.

      26 January at 19:26 · 
    • Elke Burkholder Buena por esa,a seguirse cuidando,ABRAZOTE!!!!!! : )

      26 January at 23:04 · 
    • Karen Hannon That’s the Spirit! Get out there and have the craic!

      27 January at 01:10 · 
    • Témoris Grecko Muchas gracias amigos! Thank you all!
      Jacobo, para nada, eso esta del otro lado del continente y no llego! Pero gracias!
      Cathal, dont be lazy and meet me in Agadez!

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French without fear


I heard music and went in… a group of French retirees, from the Association Les Amis de Yorola, were on their 7th yearly trip to Mali bringing aid. Despite all alerts, they drove from Strasbourg with 4,000 kilos of rice, medical stuff and other things, for a group of handicapped Malians who received them with theater (on the photo) and dance.
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      Témoris Grecko 

      And I want to insist: Tourism… French tourism in particular is a very important source of income in Mali, the main one in the centre and north. But the French government’s exaggerated alerts have strangled the flow of French tourists. Two…See more
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      Nematzi Rix Yeah! That’s truly strong solidarity!!! 

      25 January at 23:36 · 

      Brian King Culture indusry as a whole in Mali is about $100 Million a year as I recall, a real inspiration for what we are trying to do in Bissau 

      26 January at 12:47 · 

      Teresita Rodriguez Guau! que concentración del chico, espero que hayas bailado amiguito. Me da mucho gusto saber que todavía hay seres humanos que redimen al género. Gracias por compartirlo como siempre. 

      26 January at 17:37 · 

Safe Mali transport


The Musée National du Mali shows its pride for its transport system by exhibiting a replica of a minibus… but I got the feeling that it was after a terrible crash where all its passengers died burned… burned but happy, anyway, you can see their smiles!
(Not that it encourages you to travel by minibus)
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      Pablo Pérez I do appreciate a happy way of dying. Not that minibuses at el etado de Mexico aré much better. In Mali’s at least people smiles. 

      24 January at 15:00 · 

      Lourdes Torres Ruiz Voy a robarme sus fotos. Aqui en oax. venga a cobrar su derechos, sera ampliamente recompensado! piense ,en tlayudas y mezcal nomas. 

      24 January at 16:41 ·  ·  1 person

      Témoris Grecko Don’t worry, die happy
      Me los cobraré sin duda Lulú! Mmmmm, tazajo! 

      24 January at 22:15 · 

      Teresita Rodriguez Ayy que humor tan negro de estos cuátes, la foto esta excelente amiguito, gracias por compartirla como siempre 

      25 January at 17:09 · 

      Esther Garcilita ay qué buena onda! besos, sube más fotos 

      25 January at 20:05 · 

      Témoris Grecko Pues no es humor, Teresita, ni negro ni de otro color… lo hicieron así en serio (y además lo han descuidado)
      Besos Teresita y Esther! 

      25 January at 20:07 · 

      Ana Luisa Ortega Mali es la neta del planeta!! que padre que estas alla!!! (envidia de la buena) menos por la malaria.. cuidate mucho por fa!! no te confies! 

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FDLR attacks in Congo

I’m really sad to hear that the FDLR (a guerrilla group formed by the Hutu genocidaires who escaped from Rwanda in 1994 with French help) have ambushed a Virunga park rangers patrol, leaving 8 dead and 3 wounded. My thoughts go to the families and to the heroes of Virunga who fight for nature and people in Eastern Congo.


We are deeply saddened to announce the death of eight of our colleagues in a violent attack on one of our vehicles this morning at 6am this morning. 3 were

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    • Vinny Walsh Shit, I can’t believe the FDLR are still operating in the East as the UN continues to withdraw troops

      24 January at 22:19 · 
    • Rodrigo de Alba Triste…

      24 January at 22:21 · 
    • Gabriela Lara ‎:(

      24 January at 22:35 · 
    • Rosi Morales Uf! very bad news

      25 January at 10:11 · 


Full moon over the port of Mopti

Full moon over the port of Mopti, Mali
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    • Silvia Iveth Martínez Álvarez Hola adorado Témoris ¿Cómo estás?

      22 January at 16:44 · 
    • Esteban Jaramillo Pedroza Que buena foto! Como seguís?

      22 January at 17:49 · 
    • Alexandre Lewandowski Muy buena calidad de imagen Témoris. Que tipo de cámara estas usando?

      22 January at 17:53 · 
    • Edith Pozos He estado mirando la luna cada noche, sí es hermosa ,aunque hay lugares donde se integra al paisaje y resultan imágenes como ésta.

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    • Karina Maciel Que linda!!

      22 January at 19:42 · 
    • Gabriela Lara Me encantan los contrastes de la luz amarilla del puerto y la luz blanca de la Luna.
      Buen día, Témoris, buen fin de semana. 🙂

      22 January at 20:31 · 
    • Gabriela Lara Oye, pero….la luna chilanga también tiene su “qué”, heee??? 😛

      22 January at 22:11 · 
    • Elke Burkholder Hermosisisisísima foto!!!!!! : )

      23 January at 05:20 · 

      23 January at 08:49 · 
    • Témoris Grecko La salud bien… ya llega el tiempo de partir rumbo al este. Gracias a todas y todos!
      Alexandre, es una camarita comercial compacta, Lumix, la que anuncia Shakira… pero funciona muy bien.

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    • Kamilla Gruenewald Also by night everything is beautiful where you are mon amour

      23 January at 14:30 · 


Half-sun over the Niger river

The clouds made me think we’d have no sunset. But the star made it’s way through the thick layer and showed up, for the last time in the day, before heading off to shine over my beautiful country.
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