Pinasse to Timbuktu


That mythical city in the Sahara!

Between 1588 and 1853, 43 European explorers tried to reach it. Only four made it, the first one only in 1826 (and he was killed when trying to escape).

Tomorrow morning, I will embark on a pinasse (canoe) with a group. We will follow the Niger river downstream to Timbuktu, it’s a 3-day-long trip passing by lakes full of hippos and birds, and stopping in Fulani, Songhaï and Tuareg villages…

Last night, we went out for New Year’s eve. Here’s our “Four continents” pic:

It was almost a five continents one, but my friend Naoko, from Japan, whom I met in Mauritania, was leaving when I arrived.

Left to right: Phillipe (Sweden), Kristylee (Australia), the four Croatians (Goran, Hrvoje, Domagoj, Ana), Ali Baba (Mali) and Michel (Belgium). We’re behind: Simona (Italia), Sidiki (Mali) and me. At Cafe Bissap, Mopti port.


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