Ecole Shems’y

This is an amazing project in Salé’s Sidi Moussa neighborhood. I’m working on this story with Joelle Gueguen, a French photographer (these are only my pics, Joelle’s are great!).

Salé is Rabat’s (the Moroccan capital) sister city and Sidi Moussa one of its many areas with complicated social issues: unemployment, analfabetism, drugs, etcetera. For eleven years now, the Ecole’s people have been approaching kids to help them find a way in life, and one of their tools is the circus: many of those boys and girls who’d otherwise be looking for themselves in the streets have now become artists, some of them having had training in France. This in turn encourages many other kids to follow their example.

They’ve had such a success that in 2009 the Ecole Shems’y was recognised by the kingdom as national school of circus, and they are getting ready for two countrywide tours next year. Click here to see my photo album

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