I feel relieved, but can’t share many of my friends’ joy. The Republicans launched the world in a dramatic down hill path the last time they were in power and Romney and his Tea-Party allies would hardly do better. Obama, anyway, betrayed many of his supporters. His handling of the economic crisis abandoned millions while saving a few influential ones. This year he courted again Latinos but he is THE president of the most massive deportations’ wave ever, and on the other hand, he delivered nothing to them –unless you wanna count a shy amnesty for innocent undocumented young people that he cynically issued on campaign time. His foreign policy was more enlightened than Bush’s –but, come on!, who are we comparing him to? I feel relieved. Obama’s victory is welcome. But don’t ask me to have hope or believe in his promised change. Not under the light of the last four years. Sorry, can’t help but being a spoiler.

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