Libyan Revolution: 5 March

  • Sirt is a strategic place, halfway on the very only route between Tripoli and Benghazi. Gaddafi needs, really needs to keep it if he doesn’t want to be holed up in Tripoli and if he ever wants to head to Benghazi. For the rebels, Sirt is the only obstacle on their way to Tripoli. If they capture it, the road will be open until Misrata, just before the capital. Those are the stakes

    05 March at 21:04 ·  · 

  • Witnesses say tanks are shelling houses and mosques in Zawiya, near Tripoli. The regime needs to score a victory in the West ASAP. Because on this side, the East, the revolutionaries seem to have gained momentum and launched a huge effort to capture Sirt, Gaddafi’s birthplace and stronghold, fundamental for the march on Tripoli. We’re living key moments tonight

    05 March at 20:39 ·  · 

  • I’m still shocked. I saw death in massive numbers in Mexico City’s earthquake. But this is man made. Many questions come to my mind but they all seem nonsense, as nonsensical is all this killing. What can I ask without adding nonsense to all this disgrace? Keeping quiet would be safer. But you guys know I’m not too good at that. There’s too much noise in my head

    05 March at 18:54 ·  · 

      • Carlos Guillen Temoris be safe.

        05 March at 19:01 · 
      • Edith Pozos Tristes momentos te toca atestiguar.

        05 March at 19:06 · 
      • Miguel Acosta Es una locura querer permanecer en el poder a cualquier precio. Espero que puedas decir lo que tengas que decir. Sé que uno se mete en problemas por decir lo que uno piensa, pero uno no puede cambiar. Cuídate.

        05 March at 19:09 · 
      • Poncho Bautista Sin palabras.

        05 March at 19:14 · 
      • Alice Pipitone Es absurdo que la locura de uno y la hipocresía de muchos las tengan que pagar un pueblo entero. Espero que su lucha te de ánimo. Desde acá yo te mando mucho cariño y te agradezco por ser nuestros ojos.

        05 March at 19:20 · 
      • Mary Zuñiga-Chavez Te mando un abrazo muy fuerte! Gracias por ser testigo valiente de la crueldad del hombre hacia el hombre. Fuerza al pueblo Libio!

        05 March at 19:29 · 
      • Kate Kakela Can’t say it better than a friend: “No matter what happens, keep your head down, your eyes and ears open, your shutter finger at the ready and your ass covered.”

        05 March at 20:11 ·  ·  1 person
      • Teresa Zeynepo so hard time for libyan people , so hard time for you too, we send you all our positive energy, our duas too! you are our mexican-libyan-world citizen!!

        05 March at 23:04 ·  ·  1 person
  • Foretold in, 3 days before the explosion: “A soldier says quietly that his unit moved stockpiles of ammunition there during the first days of the revolution. He believes there are heavy weapons buried underground. And a volunteer guard says a nearby camp contains enough missiles and land mines to create a powerful explosion if it gets hit.”

    ‎’Free Libya’ has no shortage of enthusiastic volunteers for its fledgling military. But no one seems to be in command. And just what’s in the arsenal?

    05 March at 15:33 ·  ·  · Share
  • Panic is a virus that spreads in miliseconds. The crater is huge, surrounded by a huge circle of black soil shaded by the explosion. Everybody started running in disoriented madness: where to escape to, where’s safe? Some had heard an airplane. Who knows what kind of airplane. “They are coming to bomb us, they are coming to bomb us!” False alarm. This time.

    05 March at 15:19 ·  · 

    • Teresa Zeynepo likes this.
      • Mary Zuñiga-Chavez Mi querido Temoris cuidate mucho, tu seguridad es lo primero y mas importante por encima de cualquier noticia. Los reportes de las noticias son alarmantes. Un abrazo y muchos besos.

        05 March at 16:05 · 
      • Santiago Lopez Ridaura

        Ese mi Temoris,
        Como bien dijiste hace unos posts, tu no eres reportero de guerra, no es tu onda….La tentacion debe ser grande pero mejor, porque no tratas de llegar a Tunisia? Ver que onda con sus problemas + los refugiados Libios. Debe s…See more
        05 March at 18:12 · 
      • Témoris Grecko No sé qué decirte, Santiago. Aquí es donde tengo cosas qué hacer. Un abrazo!
        claro, María, no te preocupes. Besos!

        05 March at 18:27 ·  ·  1 person
      • Nematzi Rix Tons nomás sé bien prevenido, pa no tener que lamentar la pérdida de los lápices…
        Trucha y buena suerte

        05 March at 19:06 · 
      • Juanfe Carrasco Temoris, si esa es tu elección, bien. Pero piensa en todos aquellos para quienes eres…fundamental 😉

        05 March at 20:39 · 
      • Juanfe Carrasco Quiero decir que … no te arriesgues en exceso.

        05 March at 20:40 ·  ·  1 person
      • Teresa Zeynepo la palabra exacta no es ME GUSTA, quiero decir ME PREOCUPA…

        05 March at 23:06 · 
  • Animo, mucho ànimo guapo. Adelante. 🙂

    05 March at 15:04 ·  ·  · See friendship

    • You like this.
  • Cuando vas pa Locombia? A donde vas? Que necesitás por allá?

    05 March at 13:14 ·  ·  · See friendship

      • Témoris Grecko Bogotá. Pero te veo antes en Barcelona!

        05 March at 15:19 · 
      • Esteban Jaramillo Pedroza Cuando venis?

        05 March at 15:32 · 
      • Témoris Grecko A mediados o fines de abril, yo creo…

        05 March at 20:08 · 
      • Esteban Jaramillo Pedroza Avisame con tiempo, porque si cae semana santa puede q no este. Pero seguro nos vemos. Un abrazo!!

        05 March at 20:10 · 
      • Mel Oaks Témoris, menos mal que me he conectado a FB (hace semanas que no lo hago) sino no me entero. Como vengas y no me digas nada…te tengo que enseñar mi tierra, rincones más escondidos, comer y beber bien…. Me encantará hacerlo.

        05 March at 23:52 · 
      • Témoris Grecko Claro querida, te aviso!

        06 March at 10:57 · 
  • Whether it was a missile, a sabotage or an accident, the huge, horrible problem is that this is a foreseen tragedy: I just found a Time article from March 2 where a guy was warning that this could happen. Ok, off to the explosion site

    05 March at 10:50 ·  · 

      • Pablo Pérez Por la sombrita por favor… cuidese.

        05 March at 13:04 · 
  • Gathering figures from different hospitals, we think there were 32 fatal victims in last nights explosion. AFP says 27. We know there are more to come. We’re getting ready to depart for Al Rajma: people say the whole neighborhood was destroyed. What happened? A witness told us he saw two missiles, though its doubtful. Sabotage? Or an accident?

    05 March at 10:45 ·  · 

      • Miguel Acosta Amigo, la actitud de MG da para pensar que fue un ataque, si no ordenado por él, sí llevado a cabo por sus milicias. Debe ser un lugar dantesco.

        05 March at 15:19 · 
  • Some people imagine that a journalist who sometimes covers conflicts (I don’t consider myself a war correspondent, that’s not what I want to be) should is used to horrible scenes of blood and madness, numbed, somewhat cynical. That’s untrue. I’m in love with life. I’m here because I’m doing what I think is my duty. I know horrors like this may destroy my soul

    05 March at 10:41 ·  · 

      • Vanzetti Huguenín Cruz Animo, animo boss… crees que ver las cosas con cierto desapego pueda ayudar a que el sentir sea un poco menos doloroso. No estas solo aca nosotros. Rigth. Gracias x el esfuezo…

        05 March at 11:04 · 
      • Rocío González Creo que al contrario Temoris, la engrandecen. Cuídate.

        05 March at 12:46 · 
      • Gabriela Lara Ànimo, Tèmoris. Muchos besos.
        Tu alma y tu espíritu son indestructibles.

        05 March at 14:41 · 
      • Miguel Acosta Coincido completamente contigo; un periodista que cubre conflictos no tiene que centrarse en hechos de sangre; creo, que debe darnos el contexto de lo que sucede, desde su particular perspectiva. Y no ha de ser fácil estar en una zona de guerra, pero tu alma se fortalece. ¡Un abrazo y cuídate!

        05 March at 15:26 · 
      • Mary Zuñiga-Chavez Nada puede destruir tu espíritu! El tuyo es indestructible. Gracias por lo que haces. No dejes que las imágenes aniden en ti. Un abrazo con toda la fuerza desde acá.

        05 March at 15:57 · 
      • Suha Araj My silly words may be meaningless to what you are witnessing but for those fighting to live your presence gives hope. To see man’s darkest moments and keep a love for life…is your soul’s triumph. Thank you for being there.

        05 March at 17:03 · 
      • Gabriela Lara Agree with Suha! Thank you, Tem!

        05 March at 17:06 · 
      • Jw Villalobos ‎”He who fights with monsters should look to it that he himself does not become a monster. And when you gaze long into an abyss the abyss also gazes into you.” F. Nietzsche
        Y, de nuevo, muchas gracias y mucha suerte, Témoris!

        06 March at 16:47 ·  ·  1 person
      • Gabriela Lara Què buena cita, Waldito! Un abrazo! (Y qué bueno que te hayas feisamigado con Tèmoris). 🙂

        06 March at 16:54 ·  ·  1 person
      • Témoris Grecko Muchas gracias amigos! Todo bien por aquí, con mucho trabajo y excelente ánimo!
        La cita de Nietzche es genial!
        Besos, querida Suha, I wonder where you are? Italia? Berlin? Fallestin?

        06 March at 17:22 ·  ·  2 people
      • Gabriela Lara Me alegro, Tèmoris. Abrazos desde Valle de Bravo!

        06 March at 17:24 · 
      • Doug Cronyn somebody needs to say what is really happening there, witness this…keep on keeping on! la luz en el sombre!!

        06 March at 17:30 · 
  • We went last night to one of the three hospitals. Crowded with live people. Crowded with dead bodies. Burned. Smashed. Ripped apart. All corpses were incomplete, making it difficult to count them: they told us a bigger figure than what we could make up. “Those bits are not one body”, the volunteer said. “The belong to different people”.

    05 March at 10:37 ·  · 


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