Libyan Revolution: 4 March

  • News are coming in that a big explosion killed a number of people near Benghazi, in a weapons depot. People are really upset here saying it was bombed by airplanes and the victims were mostly civilians, but these reports are not confirmed

    04 March at 19:53 ·  · 

      • Miguel Acosta Témoris. Qué noticias terribles. Espero no se confirmen. Gracias por seguir informando. Un abrazo y cuídate!

        04 March at 20:05 · 
      • Témoris Grecko Gracias Miguel!
        Me marcho del hyperlink, no tendré internet hasta mañana. a ver qué pasa aquí. Suerte todos!

        04 March at 20:24 ·  ·  3 people
      • Rosi Morales Disfruta la noche!

        04 March at 20:24 · 
      • Larry Roberts Los noticias en Libya es no buenos. Es pero que se preteccion su flanco tambien su culo.

        04 March at 22:33 · 
      • Gabriela Lara ¿Y ya se confirmaron?

        04 March at 22:50 · 
      • Carmen Legorreta Las noticias en México hablan de posibles ataques de EEUU a Libia

        04 March at 23:23 · 
      • Larry Roberts If las EEUU es ataqueing Libya que es no se conoce por las personas de EEUU

        05 March at 00:45 · 
      • Témoris Grecko Horriblemente confirmado.

        05 March at 10:27 ·  ·  1 person
      • Carmen Legorreta GRACIAS……

        05 March at 15:31 · 
      • Teresita Rodriguez Es triste, va un abrazo

        05 March at 19:36 · 
  • ‎”There could be members of the old regime here among us. Your enemy can still put his people among you. Don’t listen to them and let them ruin our revolution.” Who said this? Mustafa Abdel Jalil, Gaddafi’s minister of Justice (what justice?) until 11 days ago, new chairman of the revolutionary council and, obviously, a member of the old regime. I hope the people will listen to him and so, stop listening to him

    04 March at 18:56 ·  · 

  • Four concerns about the Lybian Revolution: the targeting of immigrant black workers, taken for mercenaries on base of skin colour; the use of children as soldiers; the role of women; the hijacking of the revolution by top level Gaddafist-cum-revolutionaries, like the new chairman of the National Council and his patron-apparent, the former minister of Interior and boss of the special forces Mohamed Fatah Younis

    04 March at 18:12 ·  ·  · 

      • Mónica Adriana Figueroa Peña Suerte!

        04 March at 18:14 · 
      • Mary Zuñiga-Chavez ‎:-S

        04 March at 18:50 · 
      • Rosi Morales hey Tem, what’s the role of women? I had understand they were actively participating on the revolution, aren’t they? is just that in your comment it seems as something not so good

        04 March at 19:01 · 
      • Fer Casares Bravo!! Un periodista independiente y que piensa! Bravo Témoris… cuídate hermano que las palomas se asoman y son buitres…!!

        04 March at 19:12 ·  ·  1 person
      • Témoris Grecko

        Rosi, for concerns I mean things I want to investigate, though those are complicated matters to research in times of war and people don’t really want to talk, their main effort is to defeat the enemy. But that’s where my eye is.
        Gracias Fern…See more
        04 March at 19:22 ·  ·  3 people
      • Rosi Morales Good! Keep your eyes wide open! 😉

        04 March at 19:23 ·  ·  1 person
      • Brian King I remember meeting a young Ghanaian man in Tamanrasset, southern Algeria, in 1991 who had been rounded up with other sub-saharan Africans and deported from Libya in a perverse celebration of the anniversary of Gaddafi’s assumption of power.

        04 March at 19:54 · 
      • Fer Casares Well, if we go to the case Brian… Europe and the USA deport thousands of immigrants without papers for years, beside discriminating against them. Are they the USA, Israel and Europa Dictaduras? The major of all, and genocide too, kill to hundreds of thousands from Iraq up to Palestine…

        04 March at 20:07 · 
      • Témoris Grecko I think racism is ingrained here as in many other countries and some people are always happy to have motives to persecute Africans

        04 March at 20:11 · 
      • Brian King I found it to be a special irony related to the man who styled himself as President of Africa.

        04 March at 20:18 · 
      • Teresita Rodriguez Cuándo comprenderemos que el color de la piel no tiene nada que ver con la condición humana? El racismo en cambio no puede, no debería ser parte de una humanidad como tal.

        05 March at 19:39 · 
  • Tienes razonpero aca nada hubo 13 muertos sin investigar, levantones, y otras minucias del viejo PRI…¿que tan cerca estan los portaaviones gringos?

    04 March at 16:23 ·  ·  · See friendship

      • Témoris Grecko Pues estoy aquí asomado y no los veo!

        04 March at 18:19 · 
  • Why is Gaddafi sending his mercenaries to fight for Brega (235 kms from here)? His son Saif al Islam explained it to Sky News: “This is the oil and gas hub of Libya. All of us, we eat, we live because of Brega. Without Brega, six million people have no future because we export all of our oil from there”.

    04 March at 13:10 ·  · 

  • There are many angles to view the announced Oprah Winfrey’s show from Cairo’s Tahrir square. The one that makes me smile is that this will help to counter the image of Egyptians as portrayed in many US media after CBS led many to think their star Lara Logan had been raped there. Sexist and racist speech must be stopped along with the many lies being told

    04 March at 12:33 ·  ·  · Share
  • Having totally lost the media battle, Gaddafi has decided to lock in the journalists his son invited to report from Tripoli. Here, in Benghazi, we journos who came without invitation nor visa have complete freedom of movement

    04 March at 11:50 ·  ·  · Share
  • The revolutionary leadership has very little control over the rebel forces. Each group or individual act as they want. Many people are on the hunt for Africans. A lot of black immigrant workers are under suspicion of being mercenaries. Being a revolutionary doesn’t mean you are beyond stupidity. Many Africans who have been beaten up and kept in detention, some probably murdered. They “confess” with a gun on the head

    Fotos y noticias de la actualidad internacional, nacional, deportes, economía, tecnología, cultura, espectáculos, gente y televisión con EL PAÍS, el periódico global en español.

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      • Témoris Grecko Look at this photo. The mob wanted to lynch him and a friend. An army officer, who joined the revolution, barely managed to get them out of there. But now they will rest in jail until they receive “due” process. That might take months or years

        04 March at 11:25 ·  ·  2 people
      • Edith Pozos Qué desgracia.E injusto. En situaciones como éstas veo que afloran todos los prejuicios de la gente y se desvían de su objetivo.

        04 March at 12:21 · 
  • If Gaddafi forces take Brega or destroy key facilities there (they’ve been bombing), they will be able to cut Benghazi’s electric power. So no internet then. Just in case I stop posting.
    Another rumour is that there is fighting in Ras Lanuf, between Gaddafists and soldiers who are defecting and joining the rebels

    04 March at 10:57 ·  · 

  • The Revolutionary Coalition-s press conferences here in Benghazi are translated into English by a guy around 35 years old. He appears on TV explaining the facts and goals of this war. Two nights ago, his brother, who lives in Tripoli, was arrested without charges by the police. He might be subjected to torture now. Or dead. The regime is conducting night raids against civilian homes in the capital

    04 March at 10:15 ·  · 

  • Hace 11 dias estaba en Casablanca, reportando las protestas desde alla. Parece mentira, ahora estoy en medio de una revolucion lejos de ahi. En fin, el domingo pasado,Proceso publico mi reportaje

    Un politólogo marroquí se pregunta cómo conciliar los reclamos de un clérigo musulmán que quiere prohibir el alcohol con los de una estudiante que no usa velo y éstos con los de un marxista opuesto a los intereses de los bereberes… Además, quienes convocan a los mítines –que han tenido escasa asis

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      • Eileen Truax Veo venir el próximo libro.

        04 March at 10:21 ·  ·  1 person
      • Maikiman Jancaldeiro Vives sin vivir en ti, como Sta Teresa…. (aunque no me pegas mucho con librea)

        04 March at 10:31 · 
      • Témoris Grecko Maiki… perdona por mi monoburrencia, pero… what?

        04 March at 10:32 · 
      • Maikiman Jancaldeiro

        ayer en Casablanca hoy en Libia, mañana ¿quien sabe?. Hay un verso de Santa Teresa que dice: “Vivo sin vivir en mí,
        y de tal manera espero,*
        que muero porque no muero”. Traté de aplicar esta frase a tu trotamundismo pero creo que oops, no se …See more
        04 March at 10:35 ·  ·  1 person
      • Maikiman Jancaldeiro Oye, estoy promocionado tu perfil de facebook entre toda la gente que conozco para que siga las últimas novedades a través d etus informaciones y fotos (que son buenísimas)…. supongo que no te importa.

        04 March at 10:36 · 
      • Témoris Grecko jajaja, perdona pero creo que en las colonias os fallo la implantacion de la fe… nunca se me habia ocurrido leer an sta teresa
        Claro que no, Maiki, no tuiteo porque quita demasiado tiempo pero lo pondria alli

        04 March at 11:05 · 
      • Irais Morales A mí me dejaron de tarea leer ese proceso. Buscaré tu reportaje. Saludos!

        04 March at 15:34 · 
      • Edith Pozos Si! Lo que dice Maiki es cierto… si empiezas a ver más gente solicitando contacto es porque también creo que eres alguien único! Y hay que leerte y seguirte. Yo también les platico de ti a mis amistades que tienen facebook.Les digo: Si quieres conocer lo que es vivir y conocer del mundo , así como practicar tu inglés, busca a Témoris Grecko. No te arrepentirás”. jejeje saludos!

        04 March at 19:12 · 
      • Larry Roberts I was in the process of writing my first post in Spanish when the effing fb kicked me off and when I logged back in, shit, lost it. So, when am through being pissed, will do it again.

        04 March at 19:24 ·  ·  1 person
      • Larry Roberts I learn to do things in my own way. Always have done it that way, and will until I am not here. That applies to learning another language as well. Still pissed, so will attempt this again in a bit. Not that this means anything to anyone else, but to me, it is a BIG step. I want another language and I want to be able to speak to you in your own language and not English….. Ya know what I mean?

        04 March at 19:27 · 
      • Su Lander Así es la vida!!!! Un beso Témoris!

        05 March at 08:45 · 
      • Témoris Grecko

        Otro besote, dulce Su! Cuídate mucho!
        yeah Larry, it’s always difficult for English native speakers to learn other languages because we’re always keen to practise our English… and you guys tend to give up all too quickly, to be fair, haha!…See more
        05 March at 10:26 · 
      • Albertt Arenas jajaja.! se cansaron de 1rey snob.!

        05 March at 13:53 · 
      • Larry Roberts Voy a tener éxito

        05 March at 16:10 ·  ·  1 person
  • Mi cronica de hoy en La Nacion, de Buenos Aires

    El pueblo rebelde que vela sus muertos y quiere venganza | Ajdabiya enterró a seis víctimas de los combates de anteayer; preparan una marcha a Trípoli –

    04 March at 10:02 ·  ·  · Share
      • Teresa Zeynepo compartido, aqui estamos orando por el pueblo libio, inshallah estés bien Temoris!

        04 March at 10:13 ·  ·  1 person
      • Fer Casares La Nación es un bonito diario ultra conservador en Argentina… para información de los compas.

        04 March at 13:42 · 
      • Teresa Zeynepo Ya lo sabiamos, pero igual gracias por la info !

        04 March at 13:43 ·  ·  1 person
      • Fer Casares Gracias Témoris por tu labor y por confirmar que los dirigentes de los Rebeldes piden intervención del Imperio… claro, no tropas en territorio… y el Imperio obedecerá gratis a los influyentes dirigentes rebeldes. ¿El pueblo libio está siendo negociado a futuro?

        04 March at 13:59 · 
      • Témoris Grecko Se llama real politik. El peligro no viene de Washington. El peligro viene de adentro. La clase politica que crecio y goberno con Gadafi se esta apoderando ahora de la revolucion. Mira mas abajo en mi muro y veras que lo he puesto. Los criminales han estado maniobrando para colocarse al frente. Y quien los apoya? Tal vez EU, no lo se. Pero lo que ha sido instrumental es el apoyo de Al Jazeera.

        04 March at 15:49 ·  ·  1 person
      • Fer Casares

        Témoris, mi admiración por tu labor. Cuídate hermano. A eso me refiero. Son los ex funcionarios de Gadafi quienes están negiociando la legítima revolución popular, hasta donde las informaciones me dejan pensar. Pero no de todo el pueblo, ni…See more
        04 March at 18:40 · 
      • Témoris Grecko me puedes poner un vínculo a ese artículo de Prashad? Sería muy útil. Gracias y un abrazo!

        04 March at 19:01 · 
      • Fer Casares

        Y este otro es de Rompiendo Muros… una página que hacemos con un amigo del IJAN (Red Internacional de Judíos Antisionistas):…See more

        04 March at 19:04 · 
  • Friday… day of prayers… day of rage. Many people here want to attack Ras Lanuf and Sirt after noon prayers. More bloodshed. I-ll report if I can have internet access.May peace prevail. With justice.

    04 March at 09:59 ·  · 


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