Libyan Revolution: 3 March


    Más entusiasmo que orden entre las tropas insurgentes | Pese al fervor, los rebeldes no tienen experiencia militar alguna –

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  • And well… here goes the mystery. Last night, past midnight, I heard a series of really strong booms from the hotel, here in Benghazi. I couldn’t see anything. All journos I’ve spoken to heard it and think those were bombs. Some even heard shots. But no one has been able to confirm what happened. The revolutionaries say they don’t know anything

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      • Pablo Pérez No news so far?

        03 March at 18:07 · 
      • Mary Zuñiga-Chavez ‎:-/ stay safe!

        03 March at 18:12 · 
      • Témoris Grecko No. I posted it 11 minutes ago 🙂

        03 March at 18:12 · 
      • Larry Roberts So reminds me of my time in Southeast Asia. Really gets the entire “body” into the fight or flight mode

        03 March at 18:24 · 
      • Larry Roberts Thinking of you my friend. You are in a precarious situation……

        03 March at 18:25 · 
      • Su Lander Que Diosito te me cuide mucho mucho.

        03 March at 20:44 · 
      • Alba Gilabert Es mejor fiarse de la nariz: si no huele a explosivo, es porque esta lejos o no pasa nada.

        04 March at 09:22 ·  ·  1 person
      • Témoris Grecko Im ok, Larry… Im not the one whos taking on the bullets.I saw mourning people yesterday, those who lost loved ones.I feel for them

        04 March at 09:49 · 
  • A group of youth is calling for a million men march tomorrow on Sirt, Gaddafi’s hometown and stronghold on the way to Tripoli. They say that we journalists will be going with them and, for this reason, the enemy won’t shoot at them… Ooops! Don’t they know them? We’re trying to find out how much support this idea has. It looks like one more suicidal effort, people die for this

    03 March at 17:54 ·  · 

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      • Mary Zuñiga-Chavez mmm don’t want to be pesimist but I don’t think they really care if journos march along the people, so don’t hink that will stop them from shooting at them… just sayin’

        03 March at 18:14 · 
      • Larry Roberts You are “dead on” Mary. They HOPE they will not be fired on, but if they are, it is each man for himself. Duck you sucker……

        03 March at 18:28 · 
  • From Brega we went to the town of Ajdabiya, which was bombed yesterday. Six of the 12 dead were buried there today. We and other 2000 people attended the funeral. There were shots in the air, slogans against Gaddafi, a lot of excitement, emotive prayers… and then the sadness. The relatives crying for those who are no longer here. The face of war

    03 March at 17:46 ·  · 

  • Yesterday’s battle for Brega was won by the revolutionaries’ enthusiasm. Not by their tactics. Not by their training. Not by their weapons. Just motivation and lack of fear to death. Belief in martyrdom is striking, they are just ready to die. So at least 12 corpses arrived to the polyclinic we visited today. This will raise the human cost of this war, of course

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  • Gaddafi’s people roam the roads on pick-up trucks loaded with heavy machine guns, shooting at everything they see. This 7 y.o. boy was a shepherd. He was taking care of his sheep, with his dad, a twin brother and another one, 14 y.o., when they were unlucky enough as to be near when the Gaddafists were passing by and shot them

    03 March at 17:28 ·  · 

  • We’ve been out all day, chasing ghosts. In Brega’s polyclinic, we met MSF’s Egyptian doctor volunteers. Libya is full of Egyptians who came to support the revolution. This bunch arrived just yesterday, in time to take care of 28 wounded persons, fighters and civilians, from Brega’s battle. They were shocked: the mercenaries shoot at everything. They killed a 7y.o. boy an wounded his 2 bros and dad

    03 March at 17:19 ·  · 

      • Gabriela Lara ‎:(

        03 March at 17:39 · 
      • Mary Zuñiga-Chavez ‎:’-(( great job of MSF, hope this is over soon.

        03 March at 17:49 · 
      • Esteban Jaramillo Pedroza Temoris, impresionante todo lo que nos estas contando. Estoy conociendo mejor la situacion por vos, que por los medios de comunicacion. Que excelente trabajo. Felicitaciones. Cuidate mucho compadre! Un gran abrazo.

        03 March at 18:26 ·  ·  2 people
      • Antonio Gomez Berumen How ironic cousin, you are safer in Libya that you will be in Mexico. Un abrazo….

        03 March at 21:58 ·  ·  1 person
      • Témoris Grecko

        Thats what I say to my mother, Tonio, but she doesnt understand
        Abrazos y besos, Gaby, Maria y Esteban!
        Por cierto, Esteban, voy a Colombia en mes y medio! Me invitan a hablar en una conferencia…todavia no se de que, perome encanta ir a Col…See more
        04 March at 09:51 ·  ·  2 people
      • Gabriela Lara Uy, qué padre! Felicidades, Témoris! Besos y abrazos también!

        04 March at 12:52 · 


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