Libyan Revolution: 1-2 March

Waiting, waiting, waiting… a new military committee to defend Benghazi has been formed and we’ve spent hours waiting for a press conference on the situation near the city. There were attacks 15 kilometres away yesterday and more are feared

01 March at 15:55 ·  ·  


      Mary Zuñiga-Chavez sigo al pendiente Témoris! cuidate mucho, mucho! abrazos y besos 🙂 

      01 March at 16:33 · 

      Luis Vazquez Espero que no tengas que esperar mucho y que en esa conferencia se digan cosas sustanciosas y se pueda vislumbrar el destino de Libia. 

      01 March at 17:42 · 

      Témoris Grecko Pues esperamos seis horas hasta que dijeron: “Mañana a las 4, chicos. Pero es muy importante, ¿eh?, no dejen de venir” 

      02 March at 11:35 ·  ·  1 person

      Luis Vazquez El transcurso de la historia se puede retrasar e incluso frenar pero jamás lo podrán cambiar. 

      02 March at 14:52 · 



    Reporting from Libya is no longer the rarity it used to be. Gaddafi may say there’s no foreign media in the country but his son invited around 50 to Tripoli. Here in Benghazi, the revolutionaries gave us accreditations. We entered Libya 36 hours after the first journalist, so I got the accreditation #5 and my friend Francesca, #3. Today, a Spanish newcomer got the #483!

    02 March at 18:21 ·  ·  


    saludos y cuidate mucho ya que por noticias mvs te escuche que estas en libia

    02 March at 18:13 ·  ·  · See friendship 


        Témoris Grecko Muchas gracias Elena, un beso hasta Cuerna!!! 

        02 March at 18:39 · 


    So many people have died. So many of them had terrible deaths in their struggle for freedom. A lot more bloodshed is to come. Will that greedy clique that abused the Libyans in association with Gaddafi take over this costly effort? Will they have died to keep the same corrupt people in power?

    02 March at 17:05 ·  ·  


        Mary Zuñiga-Chavez ‎:-( news said that Gaddafi’s forces have retaken Gharyan and Sabratha and he “warned” that “thousands of Libyans will die if US or NATO intervene. Please stay safe and take care of yourself! 

        02 March at 17:11 ·  ·  1 person

        Susan Starr to die for freedom is a tragedy, but to die and kill for greed–as the military from the usa is doing in iraq and afghanistan and god knows where else–is a crime against humanity 

        02 March at 17:18 ·  ·  1 person


    With the help of Al Jazeera, and his control of a powerful network created during his time in power, a man who just ten days ago was Gaddafi’s Justice minister (what kind of “justice” was that?) has been appointed chairman of the National Libyan Council. The revolutionary head until today, Abdel Hafiz Ghoga, has become his deputy

    02 March at 16:59 ·  ·  


        Témoris Grecko This time, the announcement wasn’t made by the former minister live in Al Jazeera, but by Ghoga at the Council’s building 

        02 March at 17:01 · 

        Μιχάλης Ελευθερίου what does this mean tho? who is this guy?? 

        02 March at 18:50 · 

        Témoris Grecko What I’m saying: ten days ago he was Gaddafi’s justice minister. Now he has been appointed to be the closest thing to the antiGaddafi’s government. 

        02 March at 18:53 ·

        Cris Pagès Boune Do you have any idea if Al Jazeera en Arabic is different from Al Jazeera in English? If the way it gives the information differs? 

        02 March at 20:07 · 

        Témoris Grecko it is different. They are directed to different audiences, and so their content changes. AJ English is a lot more digestible to Western tastes. AJ Arabic has a strong political agenda, which is why many Arab regimes have felt threatened by it and have tried to block it 

        03 March at 16:57 · 

        Cris Pagès Boune Thanks Témoris. Because here it IS the most palatable of the news channels. At least it seems to be. Again, as usual, be careful. Cuídate mucho. 

        03 March at 17:56 · 


    The other bit of real politik is even more bitter: the seemingly alliance with former Gaddafi’s associates-cum-revolutionaries, who are on their way to kidnap this revolution from the hands of its makers. If they succeed, it will be a very sad outcome

    02 March at 16:56 ·  ·  


        Témoris Grecko How are things in Niger, Doug? It seems that I won’t be able to go back this year… revolution reporting is kind of demanding!
        Un abrazote querido Juanfe! 

        03 March at 17:04 ·  ·  1 person

        Doug Cronyn niger gets hotter, definitely not the same without you to get un poco loco…keep up the bien trabajo amigo con seguro y courage!!!…hasta la proxima con carino y abrazote!! 

        06 March at 16:36 · 


    ‎”Benghazi’s defence line”, they said, “is west of Ajdabiya and until Brega”… 150 kms from here, capital of the new government of the National Libyan Council. If they take Ajdabiya, they will be able to reach us here. They feel vulnerable to Gaddafi’s superior forces and so they are asking foreign powers to prevent him to use his airplanes to bomb us

    02 March at 16:54 ·  ·  


        Témoris Grecko I meant to say “temporary capital”, the Council’s capital is Tripoli 

        02 March at 16:55 · 

        Mary Zuñiga-Chavez ‎:-{ 

        02 March at 17:13 · 

        Juanfe Carrasco Please take care 

        02 March at 21:10 · 


    This means that, for all the previous rethoric in the sense that they didn’t need anyone else to defeat Gaddafi, now they bowed to reality and called the UN and other nations to launch air strikes against Gaddafi forces. They made a precision: “There is a difference between foreign air strikes and foreign presence (invasion)”, they don’t want foreign troops on their soil

    02 March at 16:50 ·  ·  



    The press conference took place, finally. And real politik has arrived safe and bitter, in two ways: the military one and the political one. The Gadaffi’s army’s offensive on Benghazi, which by now looks halted in Brega (at a high human cost) forced the revolutionaries to admit: they are on “defensive mode” and they can not launch attacks against Gaddafi

    02 March at 16:47 ·  ·  



    Last night, Gaddafi’s forces took the city of Brega, 250 kms from here. This morning, Revolutionary volunteers reconquered it. They are fighting right now, at the city’s outskirts. A lot of people are going back, wounded and dead, but many fighters from Benghazi and Adjabiya are heading there to fight… just as I write

    02 March at 14:16 ·  ·  



    This is Témoris Grecko, reporting from a beach in Tahiti, surrounded by alcoholic cocktails and female dancers! Gaddafi says the UN is basing itself on wrong information as there are no foreign journalists in Libya (the Libyan people don’t like us, he says) and all what you hear we make it up from other countries… I see many nice Libyans around me, but maybe they’re Polynesians

    02 March at 13:38 ·  ·  


        Benedicte Desrus the king of non sense ! I want the drug he is taking ! 

        02 March at 13:43 ·  ·  1 person

        Rommel Conde Poor Guy! Its insane! – rememberme the China Goverment and all the stupid things that they say about the Tibet and Tibetans! 

        02 March at 13:47 · 

        Gabriela Lara jajajaja! (ya me lo imaginaba…)
        ¿Y qué hay de la presencia militar gringa por allá? ¿Ya se nota? Ayer leí que ya madaron dos buques más…¿Será cierto que la invasión por parte de EEUU es inminente? 

        02 March at 13:53 · 

        Mauricio Serna That’s so funny. 

        02 March at 14:07 · 

        Maikiman Jancaldeiro Lo sabía, las fotos que envías son montajes, por eso te pareces tanto a la gente….. 

        02 March at 14:08 ·  ·  2 people

        Maikiman Jancaldeiro 
        Testimonios: Hoy Gadafi. Veniros que hay porros!
        Video de hace unos años de la hora chanante, programa de humor absurdo español. Parodia sobre Gadafi. No se aleja mucho de la realidad escuchando…See more
        02 March at 14:12 ·  ·  2 people

        Mary Zuñiga-Chavez jajaja ya lo perdimos por completo! el NYT publico un quizz donde debes adivinar quien dijo la frase si Charlie Sheen, Gadaffi o Glenn Beck y la neta esta cañon adivinar. Y bueno que decir de lo que dice Chavez, otro viajadisimo! Besos Témoris! 

        02 March at 16:27 · 

        Mary Zuñiga-Chavez Fe de erratas: el quizz no lo puso el NYT sino la New York magazine aqui el link. 

        02 March at 16:30 · 

        Luis Vazquez Ah cabrón!!!¿ Entonces eres un holograma, o estás en otro punto geográfico y estás confundifo o qué pedo con el Gaddafi (a lo mejor se metió sus pericazos y no invitó)? 

        02 March at 16:50 · 

        Guadalupe Domínguez Muy buena tu chamba Temoris! 

        02 March at 17:20 · 


    Wow… Gaddafi says he doesn’t understand what is it that the rebels want, for he is no president, so he can’t resign, there is no parliament, so he can’t dismiss it, there is no constitution, so he can’t change it… what do they want, then?

    02 March at 12:55 ·  ·  


        Benedicte Desrus he is talking about you “foreign journalist” now ! 

        02 March at 13:11 · 

        Mary Zuñiga-Chavez Pfff! He said in an interview that his people love him, they would die fir him. The few ones protesting are Al Qaida. 

        02 March at 13:15 · 

        Albertt Arenas aaaah.! 

        He is an absolute king.!

        02 March at 13:17 · 

        Alshimaa Helmy He is saying such interesting jokes really I have no idea how come he is possibly saying this!! Al-Qaeda took over the cities under revolutionists? and that they are releasing the prisoners to kill peaceful police and army forces? and that Libyans don’t like international channels and reporters!!! 

        02 March at 13:19 · 

        Rommel Conde Precursor de caida es la altivez de espiritu… (O lo que es lo mismo, vive una locura mental en su propio mundo) 

        02 March at 13:26 · 


    Gaddafi is speaking in a public event now, we are watching Al Jazeera. He says he gave the power back to the people in 1977 and therefore, he has no responsibility or guilt. So I guess the people are stupid and they are fighting for something they already have, and they have been killing and torturing themselves for 34 years without noticing it. Smart guy

    02 March at 12:40 ·  ·  



    Then the news came: many Ajdabiya volunteers reinforced their comrades from Brega and together, they retook the city and pushed back the Gaddafist forces. So for the moment, the emergency is over. Only for the moment. The important press conference on the military situation we waited for yesterday has been scheduled for today, 16.00

    02 March at 12:38 ·  ·  



    So people got nervous here in Benghazi. At the recruitment centres, the officers had a hard time trying to get the volunteers –mostly teenagers– to calm down. They wanted to leave immediately to Ajdabiya and demanded weapons. “You don’t even know how to use them!”, said the colonel in charge. “Wait and we’ll teach you!”

    02 March at 12:34 ·  ·  



    Benghazi was crazy this morning. On Monday, everybody was discussing how to organise the offensive against Tripoli. Then we heard two towns 200 kilometres away, Ras Lanuf and Brega, had been taken by the Gaddafists, and they were going to attack Ajdabiya, 150 kms to the South. Next stop would be Benghazi

    02 March at 12:31 ·  ·  

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