My Egypt Revolution’s posts: February 14

  • Mi crónica desde la plaza Tahrir de El Cairo: cómo se sintió la caída del dictador y el triunfo de la revolución, y qué está pasando ahora.

    El derrumbe del Faraón Témoris Grecko Después de 18 días de masivas protestas y ya sin el apoyo del ejército, Hosni Mubarak renunció el viernes 11 a la presidencia de Egipto. En la plaza Tahrir –símbolo de revuelta popular— cientos de miles de personas celebraban el triunfo de su revolución…NECESI

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  • La persecución contra la prensa en el Egipto de Hosni Mubárak… un reportaje mío en Proceso de esta semana.

    Sospechosos Témoris Grecko EL CAIRO.- Entre la “República de Tahrir” y el resto de Egipto hay una frontera con una doble o triple línea de control en cada punto de acceso: son filtros donde los voluntarios piden identificaciones y vigilan que no entren armas…NECESITAS SER USUARIO REGISTRADO Y AD

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  • Wael Ghonim tweeted that Egypt’s military council has vowed to rewrite the constitution within 10 days and put it to a referendum within two months. That’d be a worldwide record. Anyway, Ghonim, who had previously promised not to give interviews to Western media, has given one to CNN and now another one to CBS. He made some statements that many find odd:

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      • Témoris Grecko

        ‎(About the time he spent “disappeared” by the police and the beatings the prisoners received) “It was individual based, like, and it was not from the officers. It was actually from the soldiers. And I forgive them, I have to say. I forgive them, because one thing is that they were convinced that I was harming the country. I’m sort of like a traitor, I’m destabilising the country. So when he hits me, he doesn’t hit me because… he’s a bad guy. He’s hitting me because he thinks he’s a good guy.”
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      • Témoris Grecko So, hitting a handcuffed suspect of treason is something understandable…
        According to his own statements, he wasn’t beaten during that time. Others were. Tortured and murdered. But he forgives.
        I’ll reserve my comments

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      • Mary Zuñiga-Chavez I reserve mine too… :-/

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      • Pablo Pérez hummmmm

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  • Governmental TV lied and defamed non-stop. It showed a lot of pro-Mubarak and patriotic music clips. Now it’s the opposite: the Revolution’s songs are on air as well as memorial videos for those who died. There is talk that a purge of Mubarak supporters is on the way in the TV.

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  • Deeply corrupt and violent, police is the most hated institution in Egypt. Uniformed or in plain clothes, police attacked and killed many protesters. Today a few dozen of them demonstrated in Tahrir for better wages, in support of the Revolution and to “honour the martyrs”. Were these maybe the few good officers? We don’t know. The people chased them away

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