My Egypt Revolution’s posts: February 13

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    Midan Tahrir (Liberation square) was chosen to be the centre of the Revolution and became a sort of temporary community which some named Republic of Tahrir (or Republic of Liberation, as you like). Many people lived there during the 18 days that took overt…See more

    13 February at 22:20
  • Midan Tahrir (Liberation square) was chosen to be the centre of the Revolution and became a sort of temporary community which some named Republic of Tahrir (or Republic of Liberation, as you like). Many people lived there during the 18 days that took overthrowing Mubarak. Today, some want to stay there.

    I took these pics on Feb 5, 6, 8 and 11, before Mubarak’s escape was announced (I’ve already posted that night’s photos).

    Here’s what you will find:

    – Signs of the crescent and the cross together, signaling Muslims and Christians unity and mutual support.
    – Muslims praying before the tanks.
    – A football referee showing a red card for Mubarak
    – A political cartoons workshop
    – The barricade facing the 6th of October bridge, where some of the worst clashes against Mubarak’s thugs took place
    – People sitting or sleeping almost underneath the tanks, showing their readiness to stop them should they try to move over the little Republic
    – People watching photos of the shuhada (martyrs) who were killed during the Revolution
    – Photos of us a night we slept at Tahrir
    – and more…

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  • Constitution suspended, parliament dissolved, elections called in september but Mubarak-appointed cabinet stays: “They are making almost all the right noises”, a protester told me, “but a lot remains to be seen”

    13 February at 22:01 ·  · 

  • Visit Egypt!!!
    Mubarak’s destructive stubbornness badly damaged the country’s image and tourism -a very important source of income for its poor people- has plummeted. Egyptians are as lovely as ever and perhaps more, because they want visitors. And besides many offers, you will have the outstanding chance to enjoy the pyramids and other sights almost on your own!
    13 February at 19:29 ·  · 

  • There’s a small confrontation in Tahrir, I hear. The remaining protesters who don’t want to lower the guard before getting guarantees that real change is coming, have been corralled by soldiers who are removing barricades and tents. On learning this, hundreds or thousands of Egyptians resolved to head to the square to resist the army’s pressure

    13 February at 12:57 ·  · 

      • Témoris Grecko Meanwhile, I’m glued to my laptop transcribing interviews… the most boring part of being a journo

        13 February at 12:57 ·  ·  3 people
      • Andrea Sinclair a mi siempre me pasa lo mismo, primo – lo mas emocionante e interesante de ser periodista es conocer a la gente, entrevistarlos, oir sus historias… lo demas es “trabajo” – sigue informandonos y no “trabajes” mucho!!! 😀

        13 February at 13:44 ·  ·  2 people
      • Gabriela Lara ¿Y hay sopas Maruchan en El Cairo? Digo…tendrás que cenar en algún momento…:P

        13 February at 18:57 · 
      • Témoris Grecko No pero hay koshari! Que es como una Maruchan pero mucho mejor!

        13 February at 19:09 ·  ·  2 people
      • Rosa Irene Monsiváis También hacen una sopa de lentejas con pasta y arroz, que venden en cualquier esquina. Riquísima y super reconstituyente -no sé si es la que tú dices, aunque yo la recuerdo más caldosa- ¡Es para levantar a un muerto!

        13 February at 19:45 ·  ·  1 person
      • Témoris Grecko Es esa…

        13 February at 19:51 · 
      • Gabriela Lara ¡Pues se ve muy bien! Mejor que una Maruchan…acá almorzamos huevos a la mexicana con rajitas de chipotle, pan dulce y café…¿alguien gusta? 🙂

        13 February at 20:22 ·  ·  1 person
      • Témoris Grecko Ay qué encanto!!! No gracias, qué amable… aquí nos conformamos con unas verduritas hervidas…

        13 February at 21:23 ·  ·  1 person
      • Gabriela Lara jajajaaa! :D…Provecho…

        13 February at 21:26 · 
  • Talking about zoos… will the Saudis set up one of their own? It’d be a big tourism draw! “The Ousted Arab Dictators Jurassic Park”, I suggest. They got Tunisia’s Ben Ali already. They can wait for Bouteflika, Ghadafi, Mohamed VI and Abbas soon. A special Persian dungeon should be made for Ahmadinejad. They shouldn’t let Mubarak go elsewhere or die, kidnap him now!

    13 February at 10:07 ·  ·  · 

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      • Témoris Grecko And of course, they should build a local celebrities enclosure too, to promote national pride: there they can keep their king as the Royal Sea Lion, and their princes, which number by the thousands, as the accompanying penguins

        13 February at 10:09 · 
      • Brett Allan And just to open it up to exotic species, maybe Prince “Bandar Bush” can find it in his heart to reserve a monkey cage for illustrious Westerners.

        13 February at 13:20 ·  ·  1 person
      • Témoris Grecko I’d think Aznar would be a cool guest in that section and he only needs a small cage

        13 February at 14:22 · 
      • Rosi Morales mmm and I guess they would also have a bar for those who like to drink hu?

        13 February at 14:26 · 
      • Témoris Grecko wanna see Calderón in a cell-bar?

        13 February at 15:06 ·  ·  1 person
      • Elena Deanda I wanna see in rehab

        13 February at 19:23 · 
  • Saturday in Egypt is like Sunday in the West, a perfect day for celebrating freedom. Tahrir square became a bit of a zoo: a lot of people who stayed home watching State TV during the 18 days of Revolution, came to be part of it and see the tents, the banners and the people who made all this happen (those previously portrayed as crazy and foreign-controlled by State TV)

    13 February at 09:03 ·  · 

  • About the “risk of Islamisation”: this was Mubarak’s golden argument to justify his dictatorship and make himself valuable to the West. And it’s greatly exaggerated. The Muslim Brotherhood is far from Al Qaeda. And people here are thinking in jobs and votes, not in radical Islam. Muslims and Christians made a point of being together and supporting each other

    13 February at 08:53 ·  · 

  • Some of my friends and a lot of media are assuming that Mubarak won’t be able to enjoy the billions he stole because the Swiss have frozen his assets. Sorry to say it’s not like this. Nobody knows how much money he has in Switzerland, if any at all. The Swiss gov’t launched a common procedure, which starts by asking the banks information on Mubarak’s accounts

    13 February at 08:47 ·  · 

      • Témoris Grecko Mubarak’s and his relatives’, that is.
        I personally don’t think they have a lot of money in Switzerland. He was aware of this risk and his financial advisers used the 18 days of Revolution to move, hide and protect their money.

        13 February at 08:49 ·  ·  1 person
      • Mariana Escobedo absolutely!

        13 February at 08:52 · 
      • Larry Roberts It matters, yet it does not. Why, the “country” of Egypt is complicit in the robbery. Not the people, the country as presented to the world through its “business.” Mubarak shared his wealth with those who desired his riches, as this ensured his tenure. The people of Egypt will NOT recover what has been stolen from them. The world of Capitalism ultimately involves wealth to the chosen few. It is stronger than any faith, for it is clandestine.

        13 February at 19:48 · 
      • Larry Roberts

        I wish to clarify Capitalism, as I live in a very capitalistic society. Regulated capitalism works for all. Unbridled capitalism ends with all the wealth residing with the few. Everyone must understand. If you have not lived in a country that lost its moral compass, and allowed the greedy to become extremely wealthy i.e., wealth is power, then you learn by studying the death of the middle class in the USA. Guard against money in politics. Elections are funded through tax dollars, and the TV and radio stations allow for a regulated amount of political advertising and that advertising MUST pertain to the politics of the contestants and not personal smears and lies. Keep the money out of politics, and regulate capitalism. Every country is able to develop their own system of government, preferably one that includes socialistic and capitalistic ideology. That is what I think, and that is what I share…
        13 February at 20:20 ·  ·  1 person


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