My Egypt Revolution’s posts: February 4

‎”Day of Departure”. Time for Mubarak to go. I need to move from the edge of town, where I found refuge last night with two lovely friends, to a hotel downtown. I’ll wait for the noon prayers, the most important in the Muslim week, hoping to find less obstacles on my way.

04 February at 10:37 ·  ·  · 

    • Jared Suwanda Good luck, be safe

      04 February at 10:48 · 
    • Maxime Bourgeois Suerte hermano! Que estes bien!!

      04 February at 12:51 · 
    • Témoris Grecko I made it safely to the hotel. People were busy with prayers, so I only have to let them search my luggage once and give explanations thrice. People are flowing into Tahrir square to demand Mubarak’s departure

      04 February at 14:15 ·  ·  2 people
    • Maxime Bourgeois Are you simply telling them that you are a journaliste?

      04 February at 14:17 · 
    • Témoris Grecko Never. No way. I’d be beaten up and locked up now

      04 February at 14:22 · 
    • Maxime Bourgeois entonces que les dices?

      04 February at 14:25 · 
    • Témoris Grecko Que soy un turista asustado

      04 February at 14:28 ·  ·  1 person
    • Gabriela Lara La Embajada de México en Egipto está repatriando mexicanos. Si necesitas los datos te los busco, ¿ok?

      04 February at 14:49 · 
    • Témoris Grecko ya tengo el dato, Gaby, gracias!

      04 February at 14:52 ·  ·  1 person
    • Gabriela Lara Oki.

      04 February at 14:55 · 
    • Sandra Gutiérrez Alvez cuídate mucho Témoris, bs

      04 February at 15:45 · 
    • Mary Zuñiga-Chavez Mucho cuidado! Estamos al pendiente.

      04 February at 15:52 · 
    • Elizabeth Ruiz Obstáculos habrán siempre, el mérito está en que no permitas que cambien tu destino.

      04 February at 17:48 · 
    • Teresita Rodriguez Te sigo aun que sea por este medio, suerte, te mando un abrazo cariñoso y mis mejores deseos.

      04 February at 17:52 · 
    • Catalina Cortés Castillo Cuidate mucho Temoris! Tenemos que hablar sobre cuando vas a hacer el curso. Un abrazo

      04 February at 19:04 · 
    • Marzia Priori hola temoris…si necesitas ayuda tengo muchos amigos donde puedes hospedarte o que puedas contactar….me avisas y te doy los numeros.

      05 February at 09:32 · 

Mubarak’s propaganda machine is running. A lot of people in #Egypt are tired and scared. Many of them want to believe empty promises



State-owned Nile TV in #Egypt is highlighting Italy’s Silvio Berlusconi calling Mubarak “the wisest of men”


Reaching Tahrir square was impossible. The vigilante groups questioned us at least twice in every block. As foreigners in general are accused of plotting against Egypt, we were harassed. We wasted hours and the curfew started at 5pm. Coming back was another odyssey. They called us from Amnesty International because two of her colleagues remain disappeared

04 February at 20:58 ·  ·  · 

    • Témoris Grecko Two French journalists who were we us were very worried because a member of their team, a 25yo French journalist, was detained by secret police. They called her, an officer answered the phone and told them to come because she was wounded. Her Egyptian boyfriend went. No news. They called again and the same officer told them to come because now both of them were wounded. Minutes ago, they were finally released, unharmed.

      04 February at 21:07 ·  ·  4 people
    • Hurrem Sonmez Temoris please send us messages when you can, from twitter and facebook! Good luck friend!

      04 February at 21:17 · 
    • Juani Rodrigo Suerte Témoris… y ten mucho mucho cuidado!!!

      04 February at 21:41 · 
    • Hurrem Sonmez Temoris how is the reaction about Ahmet Sefik’s speech, because I think its like decleration of Mubarek will not go? And what do you think about situation of Muslim Brothers?

      04 February at 21:46 · 
    • Grace Navarro Temoris.. que valor el tuyo de verdad! Te admiro pero quiero que te cuides mucho.. careful careful… estoy pendiente de lo que posteas, es una manera de saber que estas bien.. y gracias por la información.. te quiero amigo!!!

      04 February at 22:21 ·  ·  1 person
    • Mary Zuñiga-Chavez I knew about the AI delegates, still no news about them. Stay safe Témoris!

      04 February at 22:38 · 
    • Sean Cooke It’s good that you still have internet access there, Im guessing a few of your peers have satellite internet or something? To hear the latest on-the-ground updates from a you is pretty fuckin awesome excuse my French, and judging by your stints in DRC and Iran I know you’ll be just fine. But still, take care and keep the updates flowing. Any pics?

      05 February at 06:03 · 
    • Sonal Panse Curious thing. I woke up this morning and knew you were in Egypt, and so you are. Take care, stay safe. You know anything about the looting in the National Museum?

      05 February at 10:49 · 
    • Témoris Grecko

      Internet is back, they realised that shutting it down had no other effect apart from further undermining the economy. Pics are really difficult to take –a camera out in the streets is like shouting “get me! get me!”. But I’m posting a few,…See more
      05 February at 20:00 · 
    • Témoris Grecko Hurrem, we’ll see in the future, but both Mubarak and many hypocritical Westerners are using them as scaremongers to justify the dictatorship: better him than islamism…

      Juani, Gracia y María, no se preocupen, gracias y besos!

      05 February at 20:06 · 
    • Omar C Reveles Dear Témoris, Your work has become a lighthouse in the sea of confusing information, just take care!

      05 February at 20:41 · 
    • Témoris Grecko Gracias Omar!

      05 February at 21:21 · 
    • Sue Hilderbrand Thinking of you and sending love and protection.

      07 February at 03:42 · 
    • Témoris Grecko Hey Sue! Take a look at the photo album of women in the revolution, it’s on my wall! Great to hear from you! How’s the Rocky man?

      07 February at 08:55 ·








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