Arrival in Cairo

The situation in Cairo is worst than I thought, and I just arrived, haven’t seen much yet. As Mubarak ordered the police to leave the city to the thieves (many of them under his orders too), the neighbors have become comic strip vigilantes. I have been interrogated and searched by untrained people about five times. And night is just falling…

03 February at 18:25 ·  ·  · 

    • Lucy Juarez Cuidate mucho =(

      03 February at 18:28 · 
    • Agnes Merat take care! y cuentanos todo!

      03 February at 18:31 · 
    • Luis Gmz Cuídate mucho hermano y esperamos otro súper libro de eso!!! 🙂

      03 February at 18:44 · 
    • Gabriela Lara Cuídate, Témoris. Pensamos en ti. Puras buenas vibras hasta Egipto.

      03 February at 18:45 ·  ·  1 person
    • Abbas Daiyar Take care Temoris!

      03 February at 18:54 · 
    • David Barba Cuidado, hermano, que van a por los periodistas

      03 February at 19:06 · 
    • Vanessa Roca Estamos contigo, siempre! 🙂

      03 February at 19:08 · 
    • Lety Falcón Qué terrible! Ojos bien abiertos y mucho cuidado.

      03 February at 19:09 · 
    • Guillermo Jaimes Cris no me creía que estas allá. Regresa con bien amigo. Un abrazo!

      03 February at 19:12 · 
    • Marga Zambrana

      ‎– “There is a concerted campaign to intimidate international journalists in Cairo,” U.S. official claims via Twitter. (CNN Breaking news)

      Ya sé que sabes cuidarte, amigo, pero piensa que te esperamos todos para celebrar tu nuevo libro. Besotes.

      03 February at 19:20 ·  ·  1 person
    • Mary Zuñiga-Chavez asi es Temoris, andan tras los periodistas, extrema precauciones y cuidate mucho!!! toda la buena vibra hasta alla! besos.

      03 February at 19:59 · 
    • Danuta-Assia Othman Cuídate mucho! Good luck!!

      03 February at 20:10 · 


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