Bozo lady

This is a Bozo tribe lady in Mopti’s Thursday market. On top of her head, she carries her seat for the long journey on the pinasse (boat) from her river village. All fine in Niamey, tomorrow there are presidential elections here, organised by the military junta who gave last year’s coup d’Etat. Besos!
Added 31 January ·  · 

    • Témoris Grecko And on her chest, the mobile phone, always handy

      31 January at 10:50 · 
    • Rosi Morales WOW!!

      31 January at 12:15 · 
    • Témoris Grecko

      First hot shower since I left Dakar! Wow! I realise now that this means I didn’t have a single hot shower during my five weeks in Mali.
      I wrote: “Tomorrow there are presidential elections”. I meant today. I’m trying to upload this photo sinc…See more
      31 January at 12:24 ·  ·  1 person
    • Stephen Kent I see that the lure of Africa was just too great. All going well?

      31 January at 12:52 · 
    • Témoris Grecko haha!
      Yeah, back in Africa for about 5 months, in the west. How’s to be back in Kiwiland?

      31 January at 12:54 · 
    • Gabriela Lara Me encantan los colores de su túnica. Y su actitud. 🙂

      31 January at 15:09 · 
    • Témoris Grecko Y ya viste a la señora que está atrás? Así están casi todas aquí, con niñito colgando a la espalda.

      31 January at 15:11 · 
    • Gabriela Lara ¡Sí! Fantástico. Se ve que es una zona rural, ¿me equivoco?

      31 January at 15:19 · 
    • Témoris Grecko No, es el puerto de Mopti

      31 January at 15:22 ·  ·  1 person
    • Gabriela Lara Ah! Ok. Contigo estoy aprendiendo geografía de África…jajaja!
      Besos, Témoris, me voy a chambear. Suerte!

      31 January at 15:29 · 
    • Kamilla Gruenewald Wow that’s beautiful my dear Temoris
      I’m happy you focus more on culture and not so much in dangeorus things
      be safe, honey

      31 January at 15:34 · 
    • Teresita Rodriguez Se ven prácticos los banquitos, qué tal las elecciones, cómo les fue?

      31 January at 16:55 · 

      31 January at 18:23 · 
    • Gil Chamame la foto esta preciosa!

      31 January at 21:57 · 
    • Stephen Kent

      Kiwiland? <Hollow laugh> Amigo, I’m back in the UK where I can at least find work in my area. Yes, the weather’s shite.

      I did spend three weeks in Kiwiland after I left South Africa and it wasn’t bad at all, in fact some refreshing changes f…See more

      31 January at 23:15 · 
    • Mala Sorhouet a powerful lady

      01 February at 00:59 · 


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