Iran murders opposition demonstrator

If there is a hell, Iran’s Supreme Leader Khamenei, President Ahmadinejad and all those pious hypocrites have booked torture chambers to receive special treatment there. Zahra Bahrami was detained for demonstrating against the Islamic regime and then falsely accussed of drug-trafficking. She was hanged today. Shame!

29 January at 14:59 ·  ·  ·  · Share
    • Maria Gąsior ‎:(((

      29 January at 15:34 · 
    • Kamilla Gruenewald murderers!

      29 January at 15:43 ·  ·  1 person
    • Núria Prat Orriols No words!!! They should be the ones hanging there, plus 9 more we all know !!!!

      29 January at 15:57 ·  ·  1 person
    • Témoris Grecko Nine more?

      29 January at 16:17 · 
    • Núria Prat Orriols Sorry, they are twelve! You know what I’m talking about, don’t you?

      29 January at 16:23 · 
    • Témoris Grecko eh… nop! but you’ve got a long black list, eh?

      29 January at 16:24 · 
    • Mary Zuñiga-Chavez They’re in a rush to silent the dissident voices, they’re afraid the fire of Egypt will get to them. 😦 my thoughts are with all those heroes and their families. Thanks for sharing Témoris.

      29 January at 16:34 · 
    • Pablo Pérez Let´s hope the momentum of Tunez and Egypt lasts…

      29 January at 16:48 · 
    • Agnes Merat shame…

      29 January at 18:04 · 
    • Nematzi Rix Shame on them!

      29 January at 19:21 · 
    • Larry Roberts I just don’t know what to say. Such mixed emotions. Anger is predominant. I live in a country of huge contradictions and growing ignorance, and I often think of what will come of us. Then I become aware of these atrocities. Individuals with the courage of their convictions. Imagine that. The courage of one’s convictions resulting in death. I am but a coward in comparison………

      29 January at 21:01 · 
    • Liliana Martinez In Iran; exist and breathe is suspicious. To be a filmmaker; a crime like Jafar Panahi (he deserves jail for shoot everyday life) . I cannot expect less than this if they acussed an innocent women for drug-trafficking! I`m sick of the crap of pseudo islamic revolution!

      30 January at 00:01 · 
    • Larry Roberts

      So what is the human condition? What is the root cause of suffering and deprivation? It has been a condition of human existence from the beginning of time. It is the law of supply and demand that is used an often isolated to economics? There is a limited supply of what it takes to obtain the “life of luxury.” An air conditioned palace, the beaches of Rio, multi-million $ home on a remote lake in the pristine mountains of Montana, 750i BMW? You get the point. Those who have these things. Who are they? How did they get there?

      My lengthy hypothesis of the human condition? Not fully developed yet. However: The human condition; physiological; psychological; sociological; economical. THE evolution ergo adaptation necessary for our continued existence is regulated. Self-regulated? Supreme-being regulation? Blood descendant regulation? Every living creatures actions and reactions have a purpose.

      The accumulation of wealth in the hands of the few. The perceived “life of luxury” can be purchased. Limited supply, limitless demand.
      The human condition is adaptable. A village, a society, a common religion. Adaption to one’s place in the world. Supply/demand. Demand little i.e., food, shelter, family, safety. Adaptation.

      Armies, religious control, indoctrination, oppression, propaganda, fear. An external force exacerbating while inhibiting the adaption to the human condition.

      30 January at 00:29 · 


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