French without fear


I heard music and went in… a group of French retirees, from the Association Les Amis de Yorola, were on their 7th yearly trip to Mali bringing aid. Despite all alerts, they drove from Strasbourg with 4,000 kilos of rice, medical stuff and other things, for a group of handicapped Malians who received them with theater (on the photo) and dance.
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      Témoris Grecko 

      And I want to insist: Tourism… French tourism in particular is a very important source of income in Mali, the main one in the centre and north. But the French government’s exaggerated alerts have strangled the flow of French tourists. Two…See more
      25 January at 22:04 ·  ·  1 person

      Nematzi Rix Yeah! That’s truly strong solidarity!!! 

      25 January at 23:36 · 

      Brian King Culture indusry as a whole in Mali is about $100 Million a year as I recall, a real inspiration for what we are trying to do in Bissau 

      26 January at 12:47 · 

      Teresita Rodriguez Guau! que concentración del chico, espero que hayas bailado amiguito. Me da mucho gusto saber que todavía hay seres humanos que redimen al género. Gracias por compartirlo como siempre. 

      26 January at 17:37 · 

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