FDLR attacks in Congo

I’m really sad to hear that the FDLR (a guerrilla group formed by the Hutu genocidaires who escaped from Rwanda in 1994 with French help) have ambushed a Virunga park rangers patrol, leaving 8 dead and 3 wounded. My thoughts go to the families and to the heroes of Virunga who fight for nature and people in Eastern Congo.


We are deeply saddened to announce the death of eight of our colleagues in a violent attack on one of our vehicles this morning at 6am this morning. 3 were

24 January at 22:14 ·  ·  · Share
  • Rodrigo de Alba likes this.
    • Vinny Walsh Shit, I can’t believe the FDLR are still operating in the East as the UN continues to withdraw troops

      24 January at 22:19 · 
    • Rodrigo de Alba Triste…

      24 January at 22:21 · 
    • Gabriela Lara ‎:(

      24 January at 22:35 · 
    • Rosi Morales Uf! very bad news

      25 January at 10:11 · 


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