Hate campaigns in the “Land of the free”

Did you hear that in  the 21st century there are still Nazis, Fascists, racists, people dedicated to ruthlessly spread lies to provoke hate, divide communities and create the seeds of social violence, as Joseph Goebbels did against Jews? Want evidence of their existence?

You don’t need to look for them in countries with a Totalitarian past, not in Germany, Italy, Japan, South Africa, Chile nor Spain. It won’t be difficult for you to notice them, they are actually trying to reach you, they need your support. Find them at home. In the land of the free.


And here’s another blatantly racist electoral advert by the Republicans. Are Latinos really going to stay home on election day? If they do, they should not complain for what’s coming against them.

By voting massively against racist candidates, they gotta make clear that you can’t promote hate and get away with it. Lacking legal sanctions for campaigners who irresponsibly spread lies and misrepresent social groups, there has to be a huge electoral toll for those who do it.



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