Madness compensation in Israel

Eden Aberjil, the exIsraeli soldier who said “I would gladly slaughter Arabs”, must be the darling of all those who try to justify Antisemitism by exposing “Jewish bloodthirstyness”. There is a Yehuda Shaul, too, and many other Israeli Jews who are commited to expose the Israeli Army savagery against Palestinians. They help to prove that you can’t judge a people by individual or even collective misdeeds. 

Shaul’s organisation, “Breaking the Silence”, published more exsoldiers’ pictures like Aberjil’s (in which they all humiliate prisoners) to show that this is not an isolated case, but a common practice. I just tried to visit his group’s webpage to take look of them and I found that it’s been “suspended”. See it here:

Another case of censorship, as those that have seemingly become normal in this new Israel of repression of expression?

I met Shaul back in April, he took me in a visit to Hebron and I’m trying to contact him to find out what happened. I’ll keep you guys informed.

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