We love lightnings. We are thrilled by the wonder of having an unexpected glimpse of life. But I want clarity. I roam the world searching for light…





Some comments left by friends on Facebook:

Saurabh Dube Darkness has its own purpose, reason(s), calling … at what cost do we escape these, shrugging them off as mere burdens?

09 July at 22:12 ·  ·

Témoris Grecko

In darkness I can let my fingers wander her soft skin.

In light I can look deep in her eyes and find answers for those questions I never had to ask

Darkness helps me to give freedom to my thoughts and wishes.

Light helps me to make them real…See more

09 July at 22:46 ·  ·  3 people ·

Nematzi Rix Have you read William Blake? Heaven and Hell? Or perhaps Nietzsche: Beyond good and bad?

10 July at 08:55 ·  ·

Saurabh Dube The darkness you describe is much too nicey-nicey, but that is good for you

10 July at 11:09 ·  ·

Marga Zambrana Si las cosas que uno quiere se pudieran alcanzar,

tú me quisieras lo mismo que veinte años atrás.

Con qué tristeza miramos un amor que se nos va

Es un pedazo del alma que se arranca sin piedad

10 July at 14:28 ·  ·

Marga Zambrana Have you found the light, dear Témoris?

10 July at 14:30 ·  ·

Lucie Parker my perception is that the light is there ALWAYS.. it’s a question of how many times we allow ourselves full immersion into that level of beauty.. darkness is “safer” – like the ostrich with his/her? head in the sand. :0)

10 July at 14:52 ·  ·

Saurabh Dube What constitutes the world in its murkiness and mixups? I better be out of here.

10 July at 18:45 ·  ·

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