The Flotilla Debate

I’ve gathered here the links to help you follow the interesting debate among Turks, Palestinians and Israelis that took place on my Facebook profile, about the IDF attack to the Free Gaza Flotilla, on 31 May 2010.


First part (31 May): If the Israeli leaders want to secure the destruction of the state of Israel, they just have to keep following the way they’ve chose

Second part (31 May): The Israeli government’s side of the story

Third part: (31 May-1 June): 16 people are feared dead

Four part (1 June): Gaza Flotilla attack: Trying to shed some light in the darkness

Fifth part (1-5 June): How did the attack start?

Sixth Part (8 June): A response to Bernard-Henri Levy

3 responses to “The Flotilla Debate

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