Norman Finkelstein: The Holocaust card and the crimes against Palestinians

I have rarely felt impressed by the Jewish mainstream, which tends to be intolerant and repressive, and which has worn off the Holocaust card using it to silence Jewish and non-Jewish criticism.

What I am impressed by is the Jewish dissidence. It takes a lot of guts to stand up against the totalitarian machinery of the Jewish mainstream organisations. But many Jews have been doing it for centuries and now, it seems, they are letting their voice be heard again, louder and louder.

Like that of Dr. Norman Finkelstein, a Jewish-American scholar, author of several books, including his last one: “This time we went too far. Truth and consequences of the Gaza invasion”.


In this video, from a conference at Waterloo University,  Finkelstein responds to a crying student who considered that he was being disrespectful to those who suffered during the Holocaust. Some students support her and reject his words, trying to silence him. But many others (the applause is louder) approve him when he tells her that, if there is any heart in her, she should drop those tears for the crimes commited by Israel against the Palestinian people.


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