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Témoris Grecko If the Israeli leaders want to secure the destruction of the state of Israel, they just have to keep following the way they’ve chosen

31 May at 13:06 ·  · 


Çağatay Sönmez Çağatay Sönmez 

Turkish navy MUST be company to those civillian AID boats on their way back home! this is the first time turkish ppl are killed by a state’s army..
31 May at 13:14 ·  · 

Témoris Grecko What is the Israeli press saying? “We are no longer defending Israel. We are now defending the siege. The siege itself is becoming Israel’s Vietnam.”
“we, unable to see ourselves in any clarity, are no longer capable of stopping ourselves”



We are no longer defending Israel. We are now defending the siege, which is itself is becoming Israel’s Vietnam.

Témoris Grecko How many imbeciles can you count in the Israeli government?

Ilse Kleine 

Ilse Kleine 

31 May at 16:20 ·  · 

Pedro Aguirre

Pedro Aguirre 

Quite a lot, indeed
31 May at 17:34 ·  · 
Michelle Solano 

Michelle Solano 

Todos lo son!!
31 May at 18:10 ·  · 
Mari Zuñiga-Chavez 

No ps ta cabron pa ponerse a contar!
01 June at 03:09 ·  · 

Témoris Grecko The number of casualties is still unclear, as well as their identities. The majority of the people on board the ships were Turkish. Also there were three Spaniards and people from Algeria, Australia, Belgium, Canada, Germany, Greece, Ireland, Kuwait, Malaysia, Norway, Palestine, Serbia, Sweden, the United Kingdom, and the United States

31 May at 14:02 ·  · 

Témoris Grecko Raw footage coming out from one of the attacked ships, in differewnt languages inc. English

31 May at 14:18 ·  ·  · Share

Témoris Grecko

Témoris Grecko 

We hear how they are being attacked even after having raised the white falg, and how someone warns the passengers on the use of live ammunition by the israeli soldiers, “we can no longer protect ourselves”
31 May at 14:26 ·  · 

Mari Zuñiga-Chavez

Mari Zuñiga-Chavez 

Y ahora a ver q dice israel de esto porque no hay manera de justificarlo NADA pueden decir pero quiero ver una declaración oficial y también ver q hace el mundo al respecto porque han ido demasiado lejos y no se pueden quedar todos como su nada como se han quedado siempre ante los abusos que cometen ya como de rutina. Vaya que manera de despertar.
31 May at 15:59 ·  · 

Matan Bar

Nadav Porat-Chomsky

Nadav Porat-Chomsky 

1. “live ammunition is being heard.” that can be coming from both sides.
2. what the FUCK are children doing there, i mean, for fuck sake.
3. could that have been before:
and, i know, their answer was cutted “negative, our destination is…”. questions arise.
4. tho blockade should be stopped, Gaza should be freed, Palastine has the full right to exist side by side to Israel peacefully, but please dear friends (and by that i refer all people): this IS a public relations battle, have the cynicism to see through both sides lies. everyone’s a victim in this story, please do your best to bring in some equality.
my throat sores from shouting of Jews and Arabs who refuse to be enemies.
5. I’m 26, all i want to do is have some fun. let’s stop this foolishness and bloodshed. none of it in my behalf!
01 June at 00:57 ·  · 
Témoris Grecko 

Nadav, I’m trying to see both sides and also to consider different hypothesis. I’m very much aware that this is a PR battle. I don’t agree that everyone’s a victim in this story, though.I think we all have missions here. Mine is to try to figure out what’s happening and create awareness outside of the Middle East. Yours –and you are doing it– is create awareness within the Israeli society, so that it wakes up from it’s dumbness and pursues a lasting peace with their neighbours; as well as showing the Palestinians that they have Jews on their side too, that dialogue and understanding is possible. 

01 June at 07:39 ·  ·

Matan Bar recommends you to read this article, by ron ben yishai. israeli media is now full with IDF’s footage of the event, showing a different picture than what the other media is showing. please read it curefully, i would like to hear your opinion…

News: Ron Ben Yishai recounts bloody clash aboard Gaza-bound vessel: The lacking crowd-dispersal means, the brutal violence of ‘peace activists,’ and the attempt to bring down an IDF helicopter
Matan Bar 

Matan Bar 

every soldier had 1 pistol with live ammo. they were using paint ball guns, and were told to use the live ammo only if they are in life danger. the footage that is released now in israel shows the soldiers touch the deck from the helicopter, shouting “do not fire!’ and then attacked and lynched by tens of people. the navy commander is breaking into…See more
31 May at 16:38 ·  · 

Matan Bar

Matan Bar

Matan Bar 

and another thing that is in our media:

just to show that there is another face to this event

31 May at 17:00 ·  · 

Témoris Grecko

Témoris Grecko 

Thank you Matan, its important to consider the story from both sides. 

If what Ron Ben Yishal writes is going to be the official argument to explain the facts, the PR war is again lost for Israel. He made me feel sorry for the poor Israeli army, really. An operation badly planned, badly comandeered, badly executed. Is this the same army that claims to be one of the most modern and capable in the world?

He says: “It appeared the activists were well prepared for a fight.” So he wants us to believe that a bunch of what he calls “street fighters” were better prepared than the IDF soldiers… if this is true, I can’t understand why the State of Israel hasn’t been destroyed.

His explanation is missing the most fundamental part: How could all this good-meaning soldiers kill about 15 people and wound about 40 more?

That’s way too much.

When I was covering the demonstrations in Iran, I was appalled to hear the goverment’s argument that the 10 protestors they killed on June 20, 2009 were all “terrorists” who put the policemen’ and the militias’ lives in danger… How come all the dead fell only on one side, then?

Once and again, the actions and arguments of the Israeli government remind me of those of the Iranians.

We all know that Israel and the IDF will try to justify their actions, a new PR war has begun. What surprises me, many ntimes, is how simple and weak are their arguments. And it surprises me even more that many people in israel buy them. They want to believe them, I think.

But this is going to isolate Israel ever more. And it’s going to embolden those who want its destruction. Some right-wing extremists in Israel may think they won a battle: they badly, badly lost it.

If someone wanted to provoke Israel and lead it to make a huge mistake like killing scores of activists, Israel did all what it could to fulfill their wishes.

31 May at 17:13 ·  · 
Témoris Grecko 

And as for the first video, I’d also like to see the second part, when the soldiers kill 15 people. They are only showing us the part they like.
31 May at 17:20 ·  · 

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