A happy workers’ day in Istanbul

On 1st of May, 1977, the police cracked down on the demonstration and killed 34 workers. Every year since then, this anniversary was marked by clashes and violence. But we didn’t smell tear-gas this time, no one splashed us from water cannons and we didn’t have to run chased by anti-riots. The government announced that the march would be allowed. And the people came from all over the place, crowding central Taksim square. TV showed amazing footage of huge columns crossing the bridge over the Bosphorus strait, from Asia to Europe. The mood was really festive. Hundreds of thousands of Istanbular came singing to hear the speeches, dance and laugh.

You can view the whole album here.

Foto: Témoris Grecko

Foto: Témoris Grecko

I was with my very dear friend Işık, a Turkish political scientist. We met back in 2004 when she was doing academic research in Mexico.

Isik Özel. Foto: Témoris Grecko

Not much here of a workers' leader, I think... I look more like Buzz Lightyear: "To the inifnity and beyond!" Foto: Isik Özel

The day was beautiful, lovely sunny day. And so, with my friends Burak, Jan, Felix, Anna, Marianna and others, we went down to Tophane park, a terraced garden with a wonderful view over the Bosphorus and the Golden Horn.

Tophane park: the Nusretiye mosque in the middle, the Bosphorus on the left, the Golden Horn on the right. Foto: Témoris Grecko

In the background, behind the Golden Horn, Ayasofia, or Saint Sophia, left. And the Blue Mosque, on the right. Foto: Témoris Grecko

Then we met our friends Oya and Huseyin for beers in Tünel, to finish the day hanging out in Cihangir. A truly happy day.

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