Apartheid in Hebron

When she was doing her service in the Israeli army, in 2001, Dana was deployed in Hebron, the second biggest city in the West Bank. We went there today. 700 settlers have taken over the city center and are illegally forcing ever more Palestinian famlies out of their homes. The 160,000 Arabs in Hebron are banned to go to the main street and other areas occupied by the settlers, whom are protected by 600 soldiers. “The government pays for ruining the Palestinians’ lives and keeping them away with my taxes”, denounces Dana, “that’s apartheid and we pay for it!”

2 responses to “Apartheid in Hebron

  1. May I suggest a nice read about Hebron on Wikipedia? http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hebron

    For those who are interested in more info, perhaps the following article would provide a good start: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Israeli-Palestinian_conflict_in_Hebron

  2. From the first Wikipedia link:

    “Restrictions on Palestinian movement

    In H2 where 30,000 Palestinians live among 800 Jewish settlers, the Palestinian populations’ movements are heavily restricted whilst the Jewish settlers are allowed total freedom of movement and protected by the IDF.[8]

    Palestinians are not allowed to use Shuhada street, which is the main thoroughfare of Hebron, which is restricted to settlers. Shuhada street has received millions of dollars of renovations funded by the United States.[8]

    As a result of these restrictions, about half the shops in H2 have gone out of business since 1994, in spite of UN efforts to pay shopkeepers to stay in business. Palestinians cannot approach near where the settlers live without special permits from the IDF. Palestinian criminals come to H2 to flee the Palestinian police. [8]

    Palestinian control of Hebron, despite it being one of the most populous Palestinian cities, is limited to the 20 or 30 square kiliometers of H1.”

    Sounds like Dana knows her sh*t.


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