Avatar today and always

I just watched “Avatar”. I loved it. I’ve always been a (good-) SciFi fan, but of course, the futuristic/out-of-this galaxy setting and the amazing special effects are not the main reason for this. It is the story’s context. Which has always been taking place in history: enviromental aggression, indigenous peoples abused by the powerful. Just as a token, take a look at this comparison with Chevron’s practices in the Amazon. No news here. 

No wonder Marina Silva, a very interesting Brazilian presidential female candidate, who was born in the jungle, feels identified with James Cameron’s script. The good boys win, of course –this very-expensive production was definitely not designed to be a box office failure. But it comes as a sad prophecy: in year 2154, we will have destroyed Earth so badly that we will be desperately looking for other planets and peoples in the Universe to exploit and bulldoze and expell and submit. No news here, either. Is that so much in our (human) nature?

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